The Impact of Positive Psychotherapy of Psychosis in Patients With Schizophrenia

A study assessed the use of positive psychotherapy of psychosis (PPP) on three subject groups: subjects diagnosed with schizophrenia receiving PPP and other therapies, subjects diagnosed with schizophrenia receiving standard treatment except PPP, and a third control group of healthy subjects without schizophrenia. The individual’s subjective experience to PPP was examined by using three different modes: their sense of agency, the number of positive emotions experienced, and the individual’s character discoveries—such as identifying personal strengths. Investigators found that PPP, when utilized in standard psychiatric rehabilitation, did have positive results for patients, including an increased sense of well-being and a reduction of negative symptoms.

Reference: Kasperek‐Zimowska B, Bednarek A, Giguere M, et al. The impact of positive psychotherapy of psychoses on the subjective well‐being of people suffering from chronic schizophrenia—Preliminary report. Couns Psychother Res. 2022;22(1):250-256. doi:10.1002/capr.12467

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