Adapting Integrative Psychotherapy to the Metacognitive Level of the Patient With Schizophrenia

This article explores the challenges that can come when educating a patient with schizophrenia about their diagnosis, as they may not know much about schizophrenia. Researchers look into the use of psychoeducation along with integrative psychotherapy for patients who may have expressed a desire to learn more about their diagnosis of schizophrenia. For providers and patients, the best results were built around reflective dialogue, with each case being subjective to the individual’s pre-existing stigmas and biases on psychotherapy and behavioral health.

Reference: Igra L, Roe D, Lavi-Rotenberg A, Lysaker PH, Hasson-Ohayon I. “Making sense of my diagnosis”: Assimilating psychoeducation into metacognitive psychotherapy for individuals with schizophrenia. J Psychother Integr. 2021. 31(3):277-290. doi:10.1037/int0000207

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